Dinner & Daysail

Maritime Musings

After pulling up roots and moving to Arkansas in February, my Dad and stepmom, Mary returned for a quick visit and a day of sailing. Along for the ride was my nephew Wade and Grace, my niece. Jackie was very excited, as it was her first time out with the sails up since the sea trial. I was excited to unfurl the reconditioned Jib we just picked up the previous day from Hyde Sails. It was a great day for sailing; beautiful weather and 10 knot winds blowing southwest.

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We followed the cruise with an early dinner at the dock. Tri-tip and potatoes on the grill! Dad was happy not to have experienced any engine or fuel mishaps like we had on the delivery. And I was glad to see him at the tiller again. Although a short visit, it was great to see everybody and go out sailing before they hit the road for my sister Brandi’s place in Idylwild. Next time we’ll take them out to Catalina – or maybe even the Channel Islands.


Friends, Fishing & Fair Winds

Maritime Musings

No sooner than we had completed all the major repairs, Jackie and I were visited by our dear friend Mike and his girlfriend Kelly. He and I served in the Army together, and on one occasion he actually saved my life. Rightfully so, it was my duty to show him and his special-lady-friend Kelly a good time on our boat, especially since it was Kelly’s birthday weekend. After securing provisions of a frosty, cold nature and some fishing gear, we took the San Patricio out on a nice shake down cruise around the harbor – raising up the headsail and main, shutting off the engine and letting her do her thing. With the wind in our sails on a perfect beam reach Mike said, “I get it now. I understand why you sold everything to buy a boat.” Indeed it was fantastic to be out on the water again.

Mike - in between fishing sessions.

Mike – in between fishing sessions.

Sadly, Jackie had to work that day and she couldn’t join us for the cruise. Back at the slip we told her about the day and tried not to rub it in too much. Adding to the bummer, our headsail had started to noticeably tear at the leech while we were out; putting a stop to any sailing the next few days until the sail was repaired. I felt terrible breaking the news to her because she was looking forward to sailing all week. In typical Jackie fashion she turned it into a positive and made the best of the situation. She had some catching up to do cocktail-wise and wasted no time.

Kelly taking full advantage of the sunshine.

Kelly taking full advantage of the sunshine.

The remainder of the weekend, Mike spent as many waking hours as he could with a fishing rod in hand. We were all pretty content to lounge around and enjoy each other’s company. After leaving briefly to visit Kelly’s family on Saturday, Mike and Kelly returned to a riotous dock party – seriously, it was legendary. They were happy to join the fun, meet everybody and catch up to those of us who were already over the moon. Jackie pulled out some interpretive dance moves, which will be talked about for years to come.

Jackie making the best of it

Jackie making the best of it.